Effective March 1, 2018 - All fees are subject to change

Share Draft/Checking Account
Check Printing Fee Varies
Monthly Checking Account Fee $3.00 per month
NSF Fee     $30.00 Per Item
Photocopy of Check fee         $8.00 Per Item
Print Out Fee         $5.00 Per Page
Statement Copy Fee     $8.00 Per Item
Stop Payment Fee     $30.00 Per Item
Overdraft Protection Fee (from Savings Account)  $5.00 Per Item
Wire Transfer Fee (outgoing)        $25.00 Per Transfer
Wire Transfer Fee (incoming)        No Charge
Other Service and Fees Applicable to all Accounts
Account Reconciliation & Account Research $25.00 an Hour/Minimum of One (1) Hour
Deposit Item Return Fee $30.00 Per Item
Dormant Account Fee $25.00 Per Month. Applicable after 1 year of inactivity.
Return Statement Fee (Incorrect Address Fee $13.00 Per Month
Loan Application Fee $10.00 Per Applications (non-refundable)
Late Loan Fee

$25.00 If your scheduled payment is not made within Ten (10) Days of your due date you will be assessed a 25.00 late charge.

Money Order Fee         $1.25
Cashier’s Check Fee        $5.00
Visa Gift Card Fee    $3.50
Debit/ATM Card
Card Replacement Fee       $12.00 Per Card
Pin Reissue Fee     $6.00 Per Pin
Membership Fee     $2.00
Share Value    $5.00
Excessive Withdrawals

In accordance to Regulation D $5.00 fee will apply after sixth (6th) transactions.  

Christmas Club
Account Withdrawal Fee

Twelve percent (12%) of the amount requested if withdrawn before distribution date.